Debt Syndication

As your business grows, you may need access to mid- or long-term business financing to purchase equipment, buy a new building, acquire another company or otherwise expand your operations. Working with your Imperial Financial Advisor, you will be able to evaluate various loan options with terms of up to 10 years based on amortizations of up to 20 years.

We organize project finance right from the preparation of the Detailed Project Report to all the coordination till the final disbursals

Corporates often tap the Inter Corporate deposits to meet their working capital requirements. These are unsecured in nature and generally for a very short period of 90-120 days. The ticket size is relatively large and hence, is more suited to HNIs and corporate having surplus funds. The interest rate is also higher than other fixed income bearing investments.

Instead of offering equity to the Public, a company especially in the initial growth stages might want to attract a private financial partner. This is termed as Private Equity. These investors usually invest in the infant years of the company and provide the necessary support by way of finance and in certain cases even guidance to steer the company to growth. The private equity investors generally cash out when the company finally goes public.

We assist in providing vehicles to park and manage wealth overseas. Considering the huge differential in interest rates, it becomes extremely lucrative to take leverage overseas provided appropriate channels are used.

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